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What is L'Étape Ireland King/Queen of the Mountains?

To get the real Tour De France experience at this year's L’Étape Ireland we have two timed King/Queen of the mountain stages.

The King/Queen of the Mountain (K/QOM) stage refers to a segment of the route, with significant climbs and challenges cyclists' stamina on the mountains.

The cyclist who performs the best on these uphill sections is crowned King/Queen of the Mountain.

We are lucky this year that Killarney has the best mountain passes in Ireland and we have selected 2 two of the most iconic for this challenge.


K/QOM Number 1: Molls Gap

Starts: 14Km into the route
Finishes: Summit of Molls Gap
Distance: 9.45km
Elevation: 300m

K/QOM Number 2: Ballaghabema Pass

Starts: 74km into the route
Finishes: Summit of Ballaghbema
Distance: 4.50Km
Elevation: 200m

The winner of the King and the Queen of the mountains will be the fastest combined times of K/QOM #1 & K/QOM #2. The winners will win the famous polka dot Tour De France Jersey.

The two K/QOM climbs will be on both the 98km route and the 135km route.

Join the L’Étape Ireland Strava club and see what times people are posting on the two climbs for L’Étape Ireland.

See you in September!

135km Route
98km Route

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