98 km

Route Description


Distance: 98km
Elevation: 1,148m
Start & Finish: Killarney Town, Port Road
Start Time: 07.30 to 09.00 in 4 separate wave times
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Route Summary

The route starts and finishes in Killarney Town on Port Road.

There will be 4 waves starting from 07.30 to 08.30. All cyclists will be designated a specific wave time. Exact wave time will be  confirmed closer to the event.

Wave 0: 07.30 (135km)
Wave 1: 07.45 (135km)
Wave 2: 08.15 (135km)
Wave 3: 08.30 (98km)

The start will be a controlled motor car lead out through Killarney town. Cyclist will flow through the town to Kilometre Zero where the lead out cars will pull to one side and timing will officially start. This enables safe passage through the narrow streets.

The route is summarised as follows:

  • Start Line: 0km, Port Road Killarney
  • Km Zero: 3km, official timing start
  • King/Queen of the Mountains #1: 14km, Molls Gap: 9.45km, 300m elevation
  • Hydration station #1: 23km, Molls Gap
  • King of the Mountains #2: 36km, Ballaghabema: 4.5Km
  • Food station Blackstones: 57km, Blackstones/Glencar: full food station
  • Hydration station #2: 72km, Carragh Lake
  • Sprint stage: 92km, Fossa sprint: 1.2km
  • Finish: 98km, Port Road, Killarney

Route Highlights

  • There is something for all levels of cyclists at L’Étape Ireland.
  • The world-famous Molls Gap and Ladies View is the first K/QOM stage.
  • Stunning views of Killarney National Park and McGillicuddy Reeks around every corner.
  • The second K/QOM stage is in the remote and breathtaking Ballaghbema Mountain Pass.
  • Cycle along closed or partially closed roads.
  • Short flat and fast sprint section through Fossa.
  • Killarney town's vibrant night life, restaurants and culture.
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L’Étape Ireland 2024 routes have been created with the Tour De France organisers ASO and local cyclists to give the best possible cycling experience. Amazing mountain passes, remote rolling hills and stunning views are waiting for you around each corner.

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